Tokyo Treat Unboxing – June 2016

Okay, we’re gonna fly through these while I catch up!

June 2016 was Tokyo Treat’s Bizarre Candy Edition, but unfortunately it fell a little flat, with hardly anything being all that bizarre…


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Hey, peeps! You know, I started out strong on my box reviews for 2016, but around late summer I got very, very sick and was ill for a long time, on top of finishing up college! Now I’m all better – and graduated – so I’m gonna try to whirl through these ones I didn’t get done last year!

Unfortunately, I am still looking for full-time employment and can’t afford any subscription boxes for the moment, so the backlog will have to do until I score a job. Here we go! A big thanks to people who are still watching this blog!

Snakku Unboxing – June 2016

This month’s theme was the seaside town of Kamakura. It’s a little close to Tokyo, but far less well-known outside of Japan. I barely knew a single thing about it myself. So, it was time for a tiny bit of research!

From 1181 to 1333, Kamakura was declared the capital of Japan by the warlord Minamoto Yoritomo. The capital was moved in the 14th century, but shrines and temples remain, like the Tsurugoaka Hachiman-gu, a very large and important Shinto shrine, a beautiful Inari shrine allegedly made by Minamoto Yoritomo himself, and the Kamakura Gozan, or Five Great Zen Temples. There is also a huge, nearly 44-foot (that’s 13.35 meters for you non-Americans) bronze statue of Amida Buddha, known as the Kamakura Daibutsu. That’s just scraping the surface; this city is full of amazing historical sites! Talk about places I need to visit if I ever make it to Japan…

Anyway, I figure you’re here for the review, not the history lesson, so let’s have a look.

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Loot Crate’s Limited Edition Aliens Crate Unboxing and Review

I’ve been clear on here that I’m not a huge fan of Loot Crate, but I am a huge fan of the Aliens franchise, so when Loot Crate announced a limited edition crate for the 30th anniversary, I had to sign up! I’m happy to say that this time, Loot Crate exceeded my expectations…

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Tokyo Treat Unboxing – May 2016

Boy, I’m late on this one, and I need to get it finished before this months’ box gets in, so here we go! Tokyo Treat has been pretty good so far. There was the minor mishap in April’s box where several items were removed by US Customs, but this has been taken care of, and a few extra items were included in this month’s box to make up for it.

This month’s theme was very heavily based on matcha, and there were a lots of hits, and a few misses…

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Snakku Unboxing – May 2016

Snakku Unboxing – May 2016

The theme for May was Sendai, the coastal city that was slammed by the 2011 tsunami. I can’t say I know too much about Sendai, except that they make really good miso, apparently. A lot of this month’s snacks featured one of the city’s most famous products, ‘zunda,’ a paste made from crushed edamame. The lovely green zunda is used to flavor all sorts of things, and in this box, it’s featured in a lot of sweet stuff.

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Tokyo Treat Unboxing – April 2016

April’s Tokyo Treat box, much like Snakku’s, went with a lovely spring theme. The pamphlet inside described the snacks, talked briefly about Japan’s favorite Hanami spots, told the abridged tale of Princess Kaguya, and also talked about the Miyako Odori, the traditional springtime dance of Kyoto’s geisha.

I love that they always include a short retelling of classic Japanese folklore, and the food contents of the box were great as well.

A few people on the east coast, myself included, had our boxes raided by the USDA, and a couple snacks removed – namely, a bag of Calbee BBQ Sapporo potato snacks, and a Baby Star yakisoba-flavored noodles. Aw, I love yakisoba…

Fortunately, the folks at Tokyo Treat are aware of the issue and offered refunds, and contacted the USDA to ensure that this won’t happen again.

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